The stories behind owner’s colours: Andrew Brand

When Southampton confirmed their promotion to the English Premier League at the end of May, following a 1-0 win in the playoff final over Leeds at Wembley, no one in South Africa was jumping up and down more than Andrew Brand. Passionate football fan, passionate businessman and passionate racing owner. And, according to his Twitter […]

Ride Of The Month: Oswald Noach

Ride Of The Month (May): Oswald Noach Jockeys often bear the brunt of criticism and it’s often said that the best jockey is the one sitting in the grandstand. However, my first winner was back in 1999 and in a career of 20-odd years I experienced all the highs and lows and appreciate what it […]

What’s In A Name? Rattlesnake

The first in our series of stories behind naming a winner at Hollywoodbets Kenilworth. This month we look at Rattlesnake. Take a moment to think about what mental connection you make when you think about the following: Narrow Creek. Buffalo Bill Cody. Rattlesnake. The Wild West? Shootouts from horseback, cowboys chasing Apaches through ravines and […]

Hollywoodbets Durbanville, Saturday 28 September